Repeating Request of "Allow or Deny"

First of all I’d like to thank Comodo for their great free firewall. (R)

The problem is;
It keeps asking me on and on for allowing my modem’s software even though I marked the option “remember my answer for this application”.

I didn’t hear the same problem from the people I recommenden Comodo Firewall so I thought I should post it here.
What should I do when it keeps asking the same application with the “remember my answer…” option on??

Any helpers may contact me on my e-mail (asedracc [ at ] or on msn messenger (asedracc [ at ]

Thank you for your support

Dimitrakopulos: welcome to the forum.

You know, when I looked at your thread with the frowning emoticon, I thought to myself, "Uh Oh! Not another one :-". ;D

Hope this thread helps: ** FAQs/Threads - Read Me First **:

[b]Constantly Same Alerts / Doesn't Remember Rules[/b],6908.0.html

Let’s change

:slight_smile: thank you.

I don’t like to describe my problems like it’s you guys’ fault :slight_smile:

No probs. Just wanted to lighten the mood with a little comedic visual ;).

If your issue is something slightly off from that thread I linked above, just post some screenshots of the alerts and I’m sure someone’ll be able to explain them.

Same problem goes on.
Here are some ss s.
After the second ss it pops right up again “allow” or “deny” im drivin nuts!! (:AGY)

Help please?!

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Cryptographic Signature Checking:

Occurs whenever a(n executable) file changes since the last time it connected to the internet. This particularly annoys programmers for obvious reasons…