repeating popups after 'remember' opted

everytime I launch applications like Abletone Live 8 and Foobar2000 it says its not digitally signed and should be sandboxed?? - when I click NOT TOO and to ‘remember’ it then again asks when i relaunch the program

how can I fix this?


Please refer to Removing files from the sandbox & handling sandbox alerts [v5]

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Im afraid it doesnt help,

When I added Foobar to the trust lists it worked but everytime I launch Live 8.2.1.exe it pops up every time, even if I check “trust this file or package”


…actually I stopped it by using the installer/updater method… but why is it doing that? its not being updated at all and is exactly the same file that is run each time?

Could you try This FAQ

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thanks Jacob

obviously something that doesnt work well with CIS and requires special treatment…

ah well - fixed anyway

thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Have you modified your Trusted Vendor list? Foobar2000 is whitelisted, so you shouldn’t be getting any alerts.

I just added it as installer/updater and it was fine…as was Ableton Live 8 after that too