Repeating alerts when selecting "Skip parent check"

Even after upgrading to the newest version I keep getting alerts :frowning:

I select “Skip parent check” for my programs, but the next time a new program launches it it askes for acces again, and the “Skip parent check” is changed to the new parent application.

This has been reported lots of times. Why isn’t it fixed yet.

It’s very annoying having to answer to all parent applications for each application.
What is the use having a “Skip parent check” if that does do what it says?

Arrgghh. Now on top of that it have replaced all the host-names I have entered (names of mail and news-servers) with the IP-address again. Just because it asked for confirmations with a new parent. And they don’t come back when I reselect “Skip parent check” again (good I had a backup).

“Skip parent check” shuld mean - Don’t ask for parent confirmation - stay away from this entry !!!

I totally agree with you that this is the most annoying thing. This irritates my wife and ends up irritating me (gotta listen to her :o)… This makes me wonder if I’ll keep using Comodo. I also wish that this issue would have been fixed in the latest update.

I haven’t had that issue, but I doesn’t use that option much, since most programs only have a couple of parents.

I agree that it should skip when you tell it too…

Can you post a log of such alert when it happens?

I think it would also be nice to have an option (set globally) that could disable this feature. So when an application is run, you are only prompted for the application that is making the connection, not it’s parent.


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If you want to block a lot of IP’s you can try Peerguardian 2

I have the same problem and I am sure it is a bug.
THe option of “Skip Parent check” on Application Control Rule just DOESN’T work!!
Even I check it, CF still keeps alerting me when the application is launched by another program.

Hi andro and welcome to the forum! (:WAV)

The problem it seems as i’m hearing it is the OLE yet again. When OLE automation is used, it modifies a document using a parent and therfore CFP will see it as changed and alert you anyway even if you have skipped it. I would suggest changing the Alert settings to low as long as comfortable with it and uncheck monitor COM\OLE alerts and make sure you check to remember your decision on the pop up. Then you should see a reduction quite considerably. If this doesn’t help then it may be another issue. but give er’ a try. :wink: