Repeatedly sandboxing a non-existent file: [Renamed]

you might have things left in the registry from old programs. Try using eusing registry cleaner to clean it out. It is very safe and does a good job.

Well, I first used Revo Uninstaller, no there. Then I used Final Uninstall & it found remnants of Ask & I removed them, restarted & still got the same sandbox alert for programfiles/ask/updatetask.exe

I used CCleaner, Glary Utilities, Comodo’s System Cleaner, & finally Eusing Registry Cleaner. Eusing found more Ask registry entries, specifically the folder path of program files/ask/. So I thought I was in the clear after that. Reboot, & another sandbox alert for, you guessed it, programfiles/ask/updatetask.exe :o

All I can say is holy smokes folks.

I would opt for a clean, fresh install of Vista, but my ■■■■ Acer laptop didn’t come with a Vista disk, nor is the Hard Drive in this thing able to be formatted in any way. Things are not looking good. lol

Hmm I wonder.

Have you done a windows search, including hidden and system files, for UpdateTask.exe? If the sandbox can find phantom files we need to know about it. I’m a bit suspicious about the dot in the folder name…

(We already know that long paths cause a problem, maybe paths with punctuation too).

Re your other sandboxing problems please look at the D+ FAQ and work through the process for removing individual (difficult files from the sandbox)

We need to know for absolutely sure if this file exists.

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Oh Just to tell you that the devs are now aware of this issue, and the other unsandboxing issues, and how frequently people are experiencing them.

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Thanks a lot for the heads up. Glad I could help. :smiley:

Comodo is a great product, so I am sure it will just get better.

I wanted to post additional information regarding this topic.

Yesterday, I did an advanced windows search for “Ask” ( including in file name ), instead of "UpdateTask.exe.

It found one file, which was a pending update for Ask Toolbar. Nothing else, but this single file. I deleted this file, then rebooted. It has been 24 hours since I deleted this file, & have received no more sandbox alerts for UpdateTask.exe. When I would receive them regularly every 1-3 hours. I almost feel safe to say that this particular sandbox issue that I posted was because of this single file remaining making a call for this UpdateTask.exe even though it didn’t exist on my system any longer.

If I havn’t posted that the alerts are back in this thread within 2 days, I would say this issue is RESOLVED.

Thanks for your assistance.

I will continue to post any problems I get with Comodo as to help the development process along with this fine product. :a0

Thanks this may be very helpful in diagnosing a persistent problem.

Can you tell me:

  • did windows search not reveal any file called updatetask.exe ?
  • what was the ask file name and path it did reveal, and why do you think it was a pending update?

(You may need to use an undelete tool to get this info - sorry to ask but it could be very helpful to others, not only ask users as we have a lot of phantom file issues).

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No problem Mouse.

Windows search did not in any way find any UpdateTask.exe, or anything related to that file when I searched using “UpdateTask.exe” as my search query. I also made sure I added “UpdateTask,exe” to the “file name” option before I did the search. Not to mention with all non-indexed & hidden files check-boxed to be searched as well. And to be safe I just ran the search again, & found nothing.

When I did a search using “Ask” as my search query (also added as file name), it found one single file. Now I cannot remember what type of file it was, but would bet the farm it was a text file of some sort by the way it appeared. The reason I know it was a pending update file foe the Ask Toolbar was because of the file name.

The file name was something along these lines : “Pending Web Update For Ask Toolbar”

Yes it really was that descriptive. :smiley: Soon as I seen it I thought “Eureka”.

As far as undeleting it, I am not sure that is possible as my CCleaner wipes my files with 35 passes each. But I am certain that the file name included those words. “Web” may or may not of been in there, but “Pending Update For Ask Toolbar” was with 100% certainty.

I hope this helps.

Thanks, that’s very helpful.

I think what was probably happening was probably that update.exe was getting unpacked from an update package as part of an attempted update installation on each reboot. The installation was failing and hence repeating. If the problem recurs please report it in this trace.

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another place you can check is in the task scheduler, if there is a task there and even if the file is non existent on the computer and it tries to run, comodo will give you an alert. I actually had the same thing happen to me today, there was a left over task from a program and comodo sandbox alerted to it even though the file does not exist. control panel/admin tools/ task scheduler

Aha that’s interesting, thanks languy, will add to the mods sandbox bug list…


I’m going to move this to bug reports, to help ensure it is fixed.

Hope that is OK


If you have not done so already we would be grateful if you would post system details as described here.

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I’m having this same exact problem and I’ve been searching all over to try and fix it. There is no updatetask.exe (or trace anywhere for that matter) on my computer. I’m running Windows 7 and I’ve searched my hard drive thoroughly with both Windows built-in search and 3rd party HD searching software. I’ve also searched through the Task Scheduler and running processes list multiple times without any luck. I can’t remember ever allowing anything related to to install on this computer, because I know how annoying it’s been on computers I’ve had in the past.

What’s going on Comodo? Lets get this fixed, I’m getting this notification around 4-8 times a day.

Please look to see if you have a related scheduled task in control panel.

If you have not done so already we would be grateful if you would post system details as described here.

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Do look carefully at Zodiac’s post here and try to do exactly what he did.

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I had missed Zodiac’s solution before that last post. I went ahead and followed his directions and I still couldn’t come up with anything. I’ll definitely post my computers specs in that thread later.

It’s frustrating because I’ve never installed Ask, and the only program that has ever tried to install it is Comodo. It’s a useless piece of embedded software that is obviously causing problems for many users. Thanks for your help though mouse, I’ll keep checking back.

Thanks please do post the bug report info!

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Hi all, I thought I’d chuck some additional info in here.

I’ve had this problem and checked out my Defense + Events log and saw that it was running at exactly 5 minutes past the hour, every hour. Odd. Definitely seemed like a ‘scheduled’ event. I searched for the file on the system, nothing. I then did a google search, found this thread, searched as per the OP suggested for ‘Ask’ instead and well, well, well… there in my C:\Windows\System32\Tasks (i.e. the Task Scheduler folder) is a file called ‘Scheduled Update for Ask Toolbar’. So, I checked my Scheduled Tasks and there’s a schedule in there for the Ask toolbar update set to repeat every hour if it fails (which it does as CIS keeps blocking it) until the year 2030!!

So, simple solution is open up your Task Scheduler and delete the entry.

I’ve no ideas how this got there, but it seems a bit coincidental that the CIS install has a ‘ toolbar’ component and suddenly I’ve got this unexpected toolbar update running.

Anyway, I hope this info is useful to anyone else with the problem and to the devs in attempting to rectify it.

Ed Solman

I’ve had this same issue and was driving me NUTS!!! But, reading edsolman’s post, mine also was showing up at 5 minutes past the hour in the events log. Went into scheduled tasks and found a update, just as edsolman described.

Can’t thank you enough edsolman. This was really really annoying. I had the exact same symptoms everyone described, and there was no hint anywhere in searches of hard drive, registry, etc. of code.