Repeated warnings

Every day I get this pop-up warning from Comodo and every day I click allow (not that remember this is checked), So why doesn’t Comodo remember that I allowed this and stop popping up every day?

This is on Win 8.1, which is fully up-to-date on maintenance. Comodo is at

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If you notice the path of the file/folder in each alert they are different AitEventLog_2015-06-18-16-37-23_0.etl,AitEventLog_2015-06-18-17-01-27_0.etl,AitEventLog_2015-06-19-17-50-32_0.elt comdo will alert on each unique file name per action. To disable this behavior go to HIPS Settings and uncheck “Set popup alerts to verbose mode” or you can use the “Treat As” options in the alert and select allowed application.

Thanks! I did not notice that.