Repeated User Account Control requests

I am being interrupted more and more frequently by User Account Control dialogs requesting permission by COMODO Dragon/Comodo Security Solutions and I do not know what is the purpose and what will happen if I give permission. I note, too, examples of dragon_setup.exe of 54MB appearing in my temporary folders. I should appreciate explanation and advice.

Hi Bob Hawkins,

  1. Right click Dragons shortcut and select ‘Properties’.
  2. Under the compatibility tab, click ‘Change settings for all users’.
  3. Untick ‘Run this program as an administrator’ if it is selected.
  4. Apply and OK.
    If you are still getting a UAC prompt, right click Dragons shortcut and select ‘open file location’ and follow the steps above on the Dragon.exe file.

Regarding the Dragon setup files in the temporary folder, I suspect they are left over from previous updates.

Kind regards.

I thank you for your prompt reply. This behaviour has started recently, only. Why might it be that I am asked to let Comodo Dragon do something? I clean Local and Windows temporary files daily. dragon_setup.exe reoccurs.

Hi Bob Hawkins,
Dragon might be trying to update, what version are you running?


captainsticks installed 04/12/2014.

Hi Bob Hawkins,
I would say Dragon is just asking for permission to update.
Comodo Dragon 43 is now available for download.

If you go to Dragons about page, it should show that an update is ready.

Current version

Kind regards.

I thank you for that reassurance. I was uncertain on two counts: most of my software prompts me for permission outside of, or before UAC and I should have thought I had updated previously without incident, although seven versions since 36 suggests that was a long time ago!

You are welcome Bob Hawkins,
If Dragon is set to automatically update, it would silently download the update and could give the UAC prompt (Depending on settings) at relaunch to finalise the update process.
If you click ‘no’ it would keep the old version of Dragon.
This would continue to reoccur until you allow it to complete the update process or disable automatic updates.

Kind regards.

A final question: should the current version of Comodo Dragon be uninstalled before further installation?
I thank you again.

Hi Bob Hawkins,
No need to uninstall, the update will overwrite the current version.

Even if you manually download and run the installer you will prompted with the option to upgrade to the current version.

Note: You will notice some changes, including the replacement of the extension PrivDog with AdSanitizer.
Ad Sanitizer-Comodo Help

Kind regards.

dragon_setup.exe has reappeared in my Windows>Temp folder. I suspect this results from a new update being available, from what captainsticks has previously written. It prompts several questions:

  1. Where do I find ‘About’ for Comodo Dragon in order to determine the latest version?
  2. FileHippo gives the latest version as What must I do to be advised automatically by Comodo Dragon of a new update with an option to download it?
  3. avast! blocks as a threat the download of the latest version from both FileHippo and Comodo Dragon sites, preventing its completion. Should I report that as a false positive? Now, I see a message, “dragonsetup.exe is malicious, and Comodo Dragon has blocked it.”
    I continue to be confused about how Comodo Dragon works in this regard.

Hi Bob Hawkins,

  1. Most times a release/sticky topic is created in the following location within days of its release.
    News / Announcements / Feedback - CD
    Opening the about page found near the bottom of the menu will show the current version and also check for updates.

  2. If you disable automatic updates under updates in the settings, you will still be notified if an update is available.

  3. I expect this to be a false positive, I have no issues downloading Dragon and I do not have Avast installed.

Hope that helps.

I amaze myself with my incomptetence at times; I think I panic: I overlooked completely yesterday the Menu, of course, to obtain ‘About’.
I find “Updates for Comodo Dragon will be downloaded and installed automatically.” in ‘Settings’ anyway and ‘About’ shows Version I guess this might have resulted from your previous advice to me.
I thank you once more for your patient advice.

Hi Bob Hawkins,
The latest version is currently :-TU

Kind regards.