Repeated Sandbox Requests

Even when I select Do Not Run In Sandbox and Always trust this publisher (for programs like SpyBot-Search & Destroy, or SuperAntiSpyware, GoogleUpdate, etc …), EVERY time I reboot I am prompted again to run the programs in the Sandbox. This is getting SO annoying that I am ready to uninstall Comodo 4 and go back to 3. If I set a program NOT to run in the Sandbox once, then I should not be prompted about it again. If I select the program TO run in the Sandbox, again, I should not be prompted for it EACH time the program is run. This is extremely annoying and frustrating.

This occurs even with SAFE and TRUSTED files.

Comodo 3 was a WONDERFUL program, but I am still seeing a lot of work that needs to be done on v4. I sincerely hope these issues are addressed quickly.

Thank you, and thank you for (an otherwise) wonderful set of programs!

sounds like your trusted vendors list is corrupted, go to D+ and open trusted vendors list, there should be a ton listed there. If nothing is listed there, go to the misc tab, and do comodo diagnostics. It should fix the list, you might have to reboot.

Ok, I’ll give that a try!

I checked - all the trusted and approved vendors are on the list - even trying to “re-add” them returns the message that they are already added. Diagnostics returned no errors.

FWIW, I’m running Win7 64-bit.

Sometimes vendor lists are corrupted on installation. Make a restore pt. Then please uninstall C. completely, maybe using Revo uninstaller (in normal & deep scan not hunter mode).

Then re-install, but do NOT import configurations.

Best wishes


I will certainly give it a try, but doesn’t that seriously beg the question of the quality of Comodo’s uninstallation routine? (And installation routine to begin with for that matter?) Things as important as this should not be so easily corrupted, and IMHO, I don’t think it should take a (paid) 3rd Party program to work the corrections.

I’m not a programmer (coder) but I am a developer, designer, and UAT - from what I’ve seen, this version wouldn’t have gotten out of the gate in any of those areas with my teams. (No offense intended, but these areas seem a bit lax at this point).

Revo’s just a precaution, and an adequate version is free. Never had a problem with the Comodo uninstaller myself.

However there may be a problem with the updater. Or there may be a conflict with specific software that has not been tracked down yet. Or something else. The devs are aware - its in the mods list as an ‘issue’.

Please ensure you have posted all the information requested: here.

Best wishes


I have not had chance to uninstall & re-install, however, about the same time I upgraded my system (Win7 64-bit), I also upgraded my wife’s XP SP3 system. Her’s does the SAME thing with the repeated Sandbox requests.

At this point, I’m ready to just disable the option. I just don’t see it as being the same issue on both systems, it seems more like a feature that needed more testing before being included.

If you both added the same vendors to ‘My trusted Vendors’ the vendor list corruption on upgrade would likely be the same perhaps.

Best wishes


The same happens on my Windows 7 64 bit system too. I ended up disabling sandbox.


No, different programs, different vendors. I just don’t see this as being an issue created on my side.

Sorry that you are having such problems.

In general the repeated sandbox alert problem can be caused in a number of ways. Where alerts are being generated for trusted vendors, the problem is usually corruption in the vendor list. This is not necessarily visible n examination of the list.

As I have said above this is likely to be a Comodo updater bug. It normally (but not always) can be resolved by a completely clean install as described above.

I’m sorry I don’t know any other way of resolving it.

I hope this helps

Best wishes


I will try doing the uninstall/re-install on the XP system first, since I’m able to re-boot that system more often.

I’ll let you know what happens.

I’d suggest following the steps re cleaning up old installs recommended by Chiron: here. Probably including using the commodo uninstall tool, which people have used recently against v3 & 4 with success.

Good luck!


DeathStalker77, as spainach_12 suggested in another thread and fixed the same problem on their system, in Defense+ settings (Defense+ → Advanced) uncheck the box “Block all unknown requests if the application is closed”.

I tried it on my Windows 7 64 bit system and after restarting my computer many times the Sandbox has not been isolating trusted files and has not displayed any popups immediately after Windows startup.