Repeated requests to authorize the same application V3.9.95478.509 X32

Regardless of how many times I tell CIS that fpdisp6.exe (FinePrint dispatcher) is a “trusted system application”, it requires that I re-authorize it every time I try to print from another application. I always respond “allow this request” and “remember my response”. I have even gone in and authorized fpdisp6.exe from the list of running applications (it’s a virtual printer driver).

I just recreated this scenario (for the umpteenth time) by printing from, got the request to approve (CIS_Requested.jpg) and responded as usual (CIS_Approved.jpg) and it worked… but the next time I print from another application, CIS will have completely forgotten about this and still say that “fpdisp.exe is a new executable and is not recognized” – sheesh :=)

  • Windows XP SP3
  • CPU 32bit
  • CIS for firewall/anti-virus
  • Firewall Security = safe mode
  • Defense+ Security = Clean PC Mode (see attached screen shot)
  • Using Administrator account
  • No advanced modifications

It would be very helpful to have CIS remember what you tell it…

thanks very much! …jon

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Hi Jon, welcome to the Comodo forums.

This topic is currently locked, which I’m assuming was a mistake. So, I’ll unlock it.

The reasons for this I think is because you’re in Clean PC Mode (note the 2,065 files that are waiting for review). I cannot be certain, but if fpdisp.exe was reviewed & moved to your Own Safe Files, then CIS will probably not prompt for it any more.