Repeated requests for authorization of trusted application activity

I have just installed Firefox v3, and even though I have defined it as a trusted application and have defined Mozilla as a trusted software vendor, COMODO repeatedly requests authorization for the same activities. Using the trusted application feature of the request and the remember answer feature has no effect. The result is that Firefox is locked up. So I have had to shut COMODO down and use the Windows firewall, not an ideal situation.

You do not add programs to trusted software vendors to make them work right. Firefox should be made a web browser under the firewall policy. When you get a D+ alert for Firefox click allow and make it trusted. Open up Comodo and go to D+/Advanced/Computer Security Policy and add Firefox there or any other program. Read the help file system also.

Remember that Firefox V3 is beta. Use at your own risk. What happens if you use the offical Firefox version Did you try putting D+ in training mode?

What level was the Firewall Aleret Settings set to?

If they were set to VERY HIGH, then you would receive a separate prompt for every single website you went to, along with a further separate alert for every URL that each page pulled code elements from.

Just a thought,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Firefox was already listed, but as an installer. I had previously used the Define a New Trusted Application under Firewall. Even after I changed it in D+ to trusted application, or to a Windows System Application, I still had the problem. I didn’t have the problem when I was using v2. Putting D+ into training mode seems to have taken care of the problem.

I appreciate your assistance.

Will I take D+ out of training at some point in the future?

Of course take D+ out of training mode and put it into safe mode after a couple of days. In the mean time try using all your programs that you normally use to help Comodo learn your programs.

Thanks for your help. Things are running smoothly now.