Repeated prompts by HIPS

I don’t know if I have a setup issue or a bug. My Comodo is current (but right this minute I cannot find the release dot number). I have Word/Excel starter. For these 2 programs, and only these 2 programs, I get a message from HIPS saying ‘trying to access disk directly’. I have the ‘remember’ box checked. I respond ‘treat as Windows System Application’, yet 70-80% (not 100%) of the time these applications are launched I get asked again (and again and again) how to I want to treat this security exposure. It would seem there is some setting I am missing (beyond remember my reply) that would allow HIPS to treat this as a Windows System Application and stop asking me.

This problem has been ongoing since I last upgraded Comodo about 4-8 months ago.

HIPS is enabled. It is in Safe mode. I’m not sure what else I know or can report. I would appreciate suggestions.