Repeated popups

I am using version I have set the firewall to allow Eudora to do everything, ignore advanced security checks but still have repeated instances,even within the same mail session, of having to respond to three popups. Each time I have checked the remember action check box but nothing seems to stop the popups. Example attached.

This is not only annoying but is causing me to relax most security options on my apps in order to get work done. Suggestions welcome.



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Well have you updated your email client??? Do you get this message each time you start Eudora??
You should be getting these popups(1 or 2 times) when you start your new email client and thats it.

I’m sorry but i still have the problem with newsleecher and other programs, cpf does not keep and save my settings and everytime i start such programs resets all my choices and always open popups. I tried a clean install of the new version but problems remain.

Haven’t touched Eudora in over a year. I have had to turn off all monitoring in order to get and send email. Comoda is NOT learning the responses (in fact, while writing this response I have had to respond to five different popups about Eudora). Any chance you changed something in this latest release that’s the source of the problem?



Not really. Nothing has changed. But each popup has different meanings. Can you try to paste screenshots of popups you see for eudora. Like at least 4 popups you think the same or different?


Thanks for the assistance.

The file names included with this message include the date and time, so you can see the sequence of the popups. This series occurred after two previous sets and as you’ll note, they come with the “Remember” box already checked.



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Does this problem occur only for Eudora?

Edit : I have version 7 installed and running without a problem. Whats the version you are using right now? Whats the OS u r using? What user account you are running under?

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I think sometimes that alert is still being generated sometimes not(for newsleecher only). We will be addressing the issue.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

I tried with a previous Norton Ghost image of my sistem with cpf version installed on it and everything was fine.
It’s really a strange thing.
Good work

Eudora version, WinXP, and I’m running under an account with admin privileges. Currently, the most annoying repeated popups are with Eudora. I had been using the earlier release of Comoda and my experience is that this problem is associated with the new version. I don’t recall having the persistent, multiple times during an email session, series of 4-5 popups having to be answered (if I had had this problem, I would have dumped Comodo!).

Thanks again for your help.


Hi Bob,

Can you try to uninstall(disabling may not help) ProcessGuard and retry (Just for testing purposes)?

Thx for the cooperation,

Hmm, what’s process guard? I checked my list of installed apps and it’s not listed. I also checked the files in my comodo subdirectories and nothing with that name appears or has an uninstaller. Perhaps I’m missing something…


Sorry about that. I think i did not remember your case correctly. Never mind. We fixed the problem.

Never mind. We fixed the problem.

I’m having a similar problem with several apps (not Eudora, which I don’t have installed). Weather Watcher is one–I have to OK it every time I boot up. (WW loads at startup, so could it be the case that it’s trying to download info before the firewall is completely loaded??) I’ll have to see what the others are.

At any rate, my question is when the above fix will be coming.

Added the next day:

I found some info at McAfee’s Site Advisor (McAfee SiteAdvisor Software – Website Safety Ratings and Secure Search) that may be relevant. It says

 After downloading and installing Weather Watcher on 
 a fresh Windows XP machine, we checked our computer
 for programs some people would consider adware, 
 spyware, or other unwanted software. We did not 
 find any such software. However we did find some things 
 you might want to consider. Weather Watcher earned 
 a nuisance score of 3.00.

(The score is on a 10 point scale, with 1 apparently being good; 3 is in their yellow zone.) There follows a long list of “things”, most of which I can’t determine whether they’re bad or not, then the ff., in a test dated 2006-02-20:

 When we installed and ran Weather Watcher, it contacted 
 the following network servers.

whenu is rated (at the same McAfee site) as being a spyware site; the case with is less clear.

OTOH, virtually every other place I’ve looked at for info on Weather Watcher rates it as squeaky clean.

So now I don’t know what to think. Maybe CFW is doing the right thing by asking me each time about Weather Watcher. In the log there’s an entry where dl.exe (the application called by Weather Watcher) was logged for “suspicious activity”, using protocol “UDP In”, remote, details = “dl.exe refuses communication with Comodo Personal Firewall”. If I block dl.exe, then Weather Watcher can’t download any weather forecasts. I’m afraid I have no idea what to make of this. I don’t know what “UDP In” is; I googled it, and found a tutorial on it at List of TCP Ports and UDP Ports (Well-Known), but that wasn’t enlightening as to why this would be a security threat.

There is a Trojan called dl.exe listed at numerous sites, but according to, its file size is 6150 bytes (and it tries to put itself in the System dir), whereas the dl.exe with Weather Watcher is 28,172 bytes (and lives in the WeatherWatcher dir). So if this is the reason McAfee thinks WW is bad, it may be a misidentification.

So what is your opinion? Should I worry about WW and its “suspicious activity”, or not?

Absent a fix, any chance you could send me the older version which appears not to have the problem?