Repeated popups for BOClean

I’ve done everything possible with CPF to allow BOClean but I stil get popups from the BC updater telling me it is trying to connect.

Right now in the application monitor it has the following

BOC4UPD.EXE destination-any/port-any /protocol-TCP/UDP out.
This is the only way to prevent CPF from alerting me with any more messages about BOClean.

At first CPF will popup and tell me BOClean wants to connect to UDP-53 and a few minutes later I get another popup asking for another connection.

Also when I look in the logs it has BC listed as suspicious behavior, is there a reason for this even though its an anti trojan app?

So should I leave everything as is or is there a rule setup I can use for BC

Hi, this program probably has not been analized by comodo and is not reconized by the firewall.
You should have created a rule already if you ticked ‘remember’.Please right click this rule and click ‘send to comodo for analysis’.This will help get boclean as an safe app. Hope this helps.

what do you think about boclean?