Repeated pop ups for Anti Virus, that don't provide a user response.


I’m repeatedly getting this pop-up from CFP that reads:

kavsvc.exe refuses communication with COMODO Firewall

I’ve got Kaspersky AV protection. Do I need to uninstall and reinstall it?

Also, is there a list of all the obscure Windows functions, listing when, or under what conditions even things like SVHost should or shouldn’t be allowed to access or receive?

And lastly, I think CPF is cranked up to tight, basic flash elements are failing to load up on pages to view the players themselves, much less the content.


same problem here… anyone got a sollution??

Hi fybz

I’m afraid not. It seems that Kaspersky AV might be incompatible with CFP, but we’ve not had the official word from either Comodo or Kaspersky. Mainly based on forums feedback here, it seems that some versions of KAVs refuse to install now when CFP is present & require that CFP is removed first. So, I’d guess that Kaspersky know something… but, they’re not saying anything publicly that I’ve heard. Several CFP users have reported problems with KAV/KIS (KIS is understandable, since it has a firewall component) & whilst I’ve encouraged them to report these problems to both Comodo & Kaspersky (hoping for some official comment), nothing has been posted as yet.

So… you can go to Comodo Support, register on their system & raise a ticket on this issue. I’d also encourage you to do the same with Kaspersky & raise this issue with them. I’d be very grateful for any feedback that anybody can provide, thanks.

Kail’s right. Usually, a firewall is the most important security software and should be installed first. However, KAV/KIS seems to be the exception in that it stubbornly wants to be installed first.