Repeated IE pop-ups

I have been using Comodo Beta and I have one problem with it. At least once or twice a day I have pop-ups asking for IE server access. I have given it full access and I don’t understand these repeated permission requests. All other programs, once allowed, they have never asked again. I know your thinking spyware. I am a stickler about all things internet, I have many spyware programs that I run on a regular basis, antivirus as well. I am certain my computer is clean.

Actually no, I was thinking OLE automation. Other applications use\modify IE to use the internet for services , to access their server\maker. This is common and if you are a stickler about viruses, spyware, etc…then I would have no worries and this will happen off and on. It could be any updater, program, etc…using IE for this. This is why it’s detected differently each time. Did you look at the parent application, and the hitcher in the popup box? Hope this helps,

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I will check that out, maybe that’s the problem. I’m a little confused about this. If an updater for a virus scanner or antispy tried to update, and I give it full permission, shouldn’t it not ask again whatever the parent program. Wouldn’t it create a rule for that instance.

Are you using beta 2.3? The final version is out tomorrow, can’t wait. Also, two times a day isn’t bad. Let me explain, when you allow them, they are streaming the data to the server, if anything changes, they will be picked up as a different pack of data. Make sense? Let’s try this, my fix it utilities is always set to allowed, when it scans for updates, immediately the firewall asks for permission, then after the update, I must allow it again. This is due to the change of the application. A firewall is doing it’s job by detecting this so believe me it’s a good thing. So the little hijacker, lolll, kidding, is simply changing a bit and your firewall confirms this change by looking at it as different. This way if you ever picked up something malicous, your firewall would say, “hey this is different” what the hell? :o lolll ok , perhaps not quite that way but you get the idea!

Hope this helps,