repair resintall XP fixes cmdagent slowing

Why would doing a repair (not recovery) Xp reinstall fix the fact that cmdagent was making my PC terribly slow, because it was hogging the drive? This was everything from starting a programme to just trying to open a window that had some icons in it, or looking at a new folder.

Appreciate any help


A repair install of the OS will fix corruption and check the integrity of the system.
Any OS corruption could cause programs to not function correctly or as they should.

Thanks for the reply.

I admit that I did the repair because the system just got worse and worse. But it only started to really collapse when I tried to uninstall Comodo and had real trouble. Installing and uninstalling other software gave no trouble.

Questions, if I may:
(1) Why is it cmdagent (and I admit other AV software that I tried) always the predominant cause of the disc activity when the HD gets tied up? I am talking a factor of 10X over the next programme, sometimes for minutes on end.

(2) How come this seems to be happening on many systems, over apparently protracted periods of time? This happens to me on two systems: one Win 7 and the other XP.

  • I have not tried the repair of the Win 7 system: it’s a lot of hassle and it’s not that bad yet.

(3) I know it’s a desperate act, but I have never read that a repair reinstall be done when this slowness was asked about.


Hi RealOldNick.

  1. cmdagent controls all the other elements CIS, so if something is not running correctly within the program cmdagent will be effected.
    Security programs watch system activity more than a lot of other programs.

  2. With so many system variables, the reasons can not be categorised into any one reason.

  3. CIS issues can be caused by any number of reasons, if all other aspects of the OS are working correctly it gets put low on the suspect list.
    I personally believe OS issues play a bigger factor than we will ever know.

Just my thoughts.

T’ank ee Capn :slight_smile:

hmmm…well after spending many hours trying all the other suggestions, that one worked, so I tend to agree that a lot of bad stuff is under there that lets the OS limp on.

I can see that all these safety check programmes are checking a lot more than anything else, so they will tend to accentuate any perhaps even minor problem.

Now all we need to do is make it really easy to somehow back up and restore each programme’s settings, history, preferences etc. That was what cost me the most. Trouble is the corruption could be right in there…

But I have to say that in only a couple of weeks at most that repair has repaid me tenfold in “waiting time”. My machine is like something many times as good as it was.

You are welcome RealOldNick, complete and even repair installs do appear to greatly help regain the speed and smoothness of some systems.

I have seen where some say they do a complete clean reinstall every 12 months.
I do not recommend going to that extreme especially with newer Operating Systems unless a problem occurs.
Let us hope your system continues to behave for you.
Kind regards.

I know the system is getting sick, if such stuff as virus checkers and system security causing a slow down.

If the developers of CIS, started to look at WHY, my system was clogged, so I did not have to reinstall an OpSys to clean it, that would be a world ■■■■■■ for me.

I found that EVERY serious contender for protection was slowing my system…so again if you could refine this, you have a big win.