Repair removal capability

the developers & security experts of comodo needs to work lot harder on improving the proper & complete removal capability of any types of threats & malwares & rootkits & worms & keyloggers & botnets & any other advanced & stubborn forms of threats & malwares & any of their remainants & traces completely from the system , i am talking about the improvements required in the proper & complete removal capability of threats & malwares in the antivirus engine in CIS premium free edition & comodo antivirus free edition in the upcoming stable version of comodo v7 series of products because it’s always equivalently important to improve the proper removal capability & power of the antivirus engine along with the threats & malwares detection capabilities

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I prefer a software that prevents malware. Did you try disinfecting a system with severe rootkit infection? It’s very difficult to do a perfect clean-up. How can you be sure of this? (Hint: you aren’t.) To be sure you must remove the infection, and then format your hard-drive, rewriting MBR and, in some cases, reflash your bios .

Two real cases:

  1. PC with Windows 7 and ZeroAccess: After removing ZeroAccess rootkit with TDSSKiller and MBAR (Malwarebyte Antirootkit), some traces left off. For security i’ve formatted HDD and reinstalled Windows

  2. Server with a very old version of Debian (d’oh!): removed some evil rootkits. Reinstalled the server (you are not sure, what lurks behind files and demons).

So: no-one will tell you that his software can remove EVERYTHING from an infection . It’s very difficult, and sometimes impossible. How can you remove a bioskit?


Employing a form of disk imaging/snapshot technology will enable the complete removal of the vast majority of malware,but there’s always a slight chance of this being circumvented evidenced by the occasional exploits affecting the likes of RollbackRX,etc.

In all cases prevention is way better than cure.

proper & complete removal capability of any types of threats & malwares & complex worms & trojans & stubborn rootkits is equivalently important to the detection capability & comodo v7 free antivirus & CIS v7 premium free version stable version really needs to make a huge amount of improvement in terms of the proper & complete removal capability of any types of threats & malwares & stubborn rootkits & bootkits & botnets & complex worms & trojans & keyloggers & any of their traces & remainants from the system & hard disk & registry & important system & windows portions , comodo’s detection capability has increased to a good extent over the years but the proper & complete removal capability really needs to be improved hugely in the upcoming final stable version of comodo v7 series of products

As far as what I have seen comodo does not have a Repair capability… It cleans means either quarantine or delete infected files… Left over files if they ain’t infected cannot be detected and removed… Guess now VC will soon mature to do so but still your system cannot be reinstated to the original you’ll need to reformat be be rest assured…

i work in a reputed IT company in INDIA & i personally suggested the project manager of my company & team to use the latest CIS v7 beta on his DELL LAPTOP , he is a guy with experience of over 10 years in various well reputed software & IT firms in INDIA & he has lot’s of knowledge about antivirus & security softwares & products , so as per my suggestion he installed the latest CIS v7 beta on his laptop & has given me a feedback after using & testing it for a week , the points which he told me is what i am giving as a feedback for the respected security experts & developers & programmers of comodo so that they can work harder on it for much much better outcome of the comodo v7 stable version , the antivirus engine of comodo v7 needs to be boosted a lot lot more specially in terms of the proper & complete removal & cleanup capabilities of any types of threats & malwares & stubborn rootkits & other nasty online parasites & junkwares because comodo v7 beta is detecting a lot of threats & malwares but is failing in the process of complete removal of them & their traces & remainants from important portions like registry & memory & some core system files as a consequence & result of which those remainants & traces of malwares are causing partial harms or damage to important operating system & windows files , so comodo really needs to improve the threats & removal power of the antivirus engine of comodo in the final stable v7 version of all comodo products