Repair ntkrnlpa.exe after Restore?

After using CB to restore disk, partitions & MBR PC will not reboot, gives a ntkrnlpa.exe missing or corrupt warning and a BSOD when trying to boot from Vista Disc. :-TD
Downloaded the manual and followed the instructions with no luck. :cry:
How do you repair the error and how do you restore the Backup to a fully working PC?


I assume you had Comodo Time Machine installed.
What partition(s) did you back-up, and what destination did you set for the backup?
Did you chose to include disk free space into backup?
When CTM is installed, disk free space should be included into backup too.


CTM was installed and I backed up C:\ and the destination was an external drive F:
I had not set it to back-up free space, as felt that it would not be necessary :cry:
Will I still be able to retrieve Files from the back-up even if a clean restore is not possible, due to the settings?


Yes, you will be able to recover those files without a clean restore.
But you will have to wait for the next release, which will bring mounting .cbu files as virtual drives. :slight_smile:

I have one more question regarding the backup:
Did CBU.exe notified you that CTM is installed? It should have warned you in backup step 2 that “CTM” is installed and you should include “disk free space”.



To be totally honest I don’t remember :-[

If it did I think I would have followed the advise, but I completed the back-up, then had two weeks holiday, came back and CTM updated itself and the PC would not boot after and CTM only had the original base line listed ???. Managed to get a clean install of Vista then ran CB and this is when I had the ntkrnlpa.exe issue :cry:

I shall retrace my steps ( if possible ) with CTM & CB and see if there is a bug with my set-up…