Repair Function

In CIS, CD, etc… there is repair function but always greyed out.

Why repair function is not available & why its there if cant be used?

Where are you seeing these functions? What version CIS are you running? Also, if you are looking at these while logged in as a ‘Standard / Limited User account’ that maybe your problem. (Some installs would require Administrator level system security access to work properly.)

Mine is admin account.

When you try to uninstall these you get repair, uninstall, etc… options but repair is always greyed out.

The repair option for Dragon is active if you run the installer file in preference to the uninstaller (Screenshot).

This is only a guess for CIS, I wonder if it linked to diagnostics and only becomes active if a fault is present. :-\

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If you’re running CIS 6 the diagnostics function is under the support section. And it shouldn’t be greyed out, I believe it was the same with CIS 5, I’d never seen it greyed out.

The uninstaller of CIS does not support repairing. I find that unfortunate but that’s how it is though.