Reorganize the forum

Hi the list of items in the forum is quite long.
I would like to see subforums for items that are no longer in development be moved to an extra subforum for them.

Anything that is no longer under development or never likely to goes here Discontinued Products

Timemachine seems to be discontinued…

But i feel there might be more.

I just joined, and I agree with Andreww, It’s taking a bit of time to navigate through the forum.


When you say navigate, could you provide an example of your experience with the steps you consider are time consuming.

This would give the mods etc more information to base the user experience on.


I never liked the graphics. If you guys are working on it just add some cats (preferably fat ones) here and there.

The board has so many entrys on the first page arranged in a way it is hard to see the important. Minor less used forums should be one level deeper especially if they dont run at all on recent os.