Reoccuring BF2.exe Popup while web surfing

Since installing Comodo several weeks back, I’ve experienced annoying pop ups very frequently while browsing the internet with Firefox and Internet Explorer. Here is the pop up message that Comodo gives me:

“D:\Battlefield 2\BF2.exe has loaded dinput.dll into firefox.exe using a global hook which could be used by keyloggers to steal private information”

There’s always random IP addresses associated with these pop ups while browsing the same site, for example: Performance Systems International Inc. NoZone, Inc.

My system is clean of any malware, spyware, etc. so I don’t think that’s the cause. I’m pretty meticulous in running several different spyware/malware apps and virus scanning frequently. If I choose to not allow these pop ups I am unable to browse any more websites until I restart Firefox or IE.

Any ideas? I searched around here before posting but most of the past topics have dealt with connecting to game servers.

EDIT: I would like to note that I know what BF2.exe is, I’m just curious why it’s trying to interact with my Firefox and Internet Explorer.


Good, I’m glad you know. ;D Welcome to the forums, Jason (:WAV)

Here’s what it looks like is happening… dinput.dll is a Direct Input component; it aids/controls joystick functionality. Looks like the way it interacts with the system will typically prompt an Application Behavior Analysis alert from CFP. Due to the way the components communicate within the OS, this can occur even after an application is closed, if there is still a browser (or email client, etc) open and connected to the internet.

So when you browse to a given website, you may be prompted about this “global hook,” if the game is running or has just recently closed. CFP is only monitoring these behaviors as it relates to internet connectivity, and cannot determine whether such an action is safe or not. The rule of thumb, as given by the Comodo development team, is that if you recognize the applications in question, it is safe to Allow; if you check the Remember box, you shouldn’t see that specific alert again, as it will create an Application rule to allow it.

The time to be concerned is if you get such a popup, and the application in question is not known to you…

Hope this helps,