Rename Parental Control to something less offensive to adults

I’ll sometimes need to use “Parental Control” to prevent clients from defeating protection, but adults may find that term offensive, so please consider renaming it to something less offensive to adults, like “CIS Settings Protection”.

Thanks for listening and for CIS,

I agree somewhat in that although I don’t find the name offensive, the name does not reflect the security I have invoked to prevent other users on this system from making changes (there are no kids here).
“Parental Control” does in this case seem like someone is looking down on other users. This should not be the case here at all.

I agree…there may be a better name than “Parental Control.”

Here are a few options:

  • Password Protection (this may be confusing; some may think it protects passwords for other programs)
  • Program Security
  • Secure CIS with Password
  • Secure CIS settings with Password
  • CIS Setting Protection (posted by JNavas)

I favor “Secure CIS with Password” or “Secure CIS settings with Password”. These may be a bit verbose, but they are crystal clear. I think this is a minor issue, and I know Comodo has bigger items to tackle.

Awating the BETA! :SMLR

Agree with you guys, the name should change.
Its not really made to keep a “parent in control” but rather to keep CIS easily protected by the computer owner.