Rename cfp.exe -> cis.exe

Why call the CIS GUI cfp.exe? It would be nice if you called it cis.exe

Just a thought, it came out of nowhere. 8)

Makes sense. :-TU

I agree.
But I guess it’s because ‘cfp.exe’ is already in everybody’s configs.

However, I can understand if this is very low prioritized on the list… and I guess it better be lowly prioritized, due to many other relevant wishes for CIS.

mybe in 4 version to rename it…just opinion

+1. I suggested it a long time ago :a0

It’s not too dificult! There are folders called COMODO Firewall Pro! That’s really ugly!

+1 It could be fixed in next version.

28 yes votes with 0 No speaks for itself…

Good idea, lets hope they can rename it… =)