removing "vritualroot"?

i just switched to comodo after zonealarm mutated to scareware. beautiful software, works well so far. but can i remove the “vritualroot”-folder? i read here that this is supposed to be there, but i keep a very strict order in my folders and don’t really want extra folders “in the open”. can i hide it in e.g. /software/comodo? i deleted it yesterday, before i know it was part of comodo, but it was back today.

Hi gurregara. I would leave it be, and best of my knowledge it is the storage location for any files that become sandboxed. I think if you move it, it will replace itself where you moved it from ending up with the one you moved and a new one in its default location. Disable sandbox would stop it returning but not recommended. Kind regards.

ok, thank you for your answer! maybe a future version could open for user defined location of this folder?