Removing Spyware

A scheduled spyware scan the other night found over 1000 spyware files (eh…), but when I try to remove the with Antivirus or even Cleaning Essentials, the “Processing, please wait…” screen freezes and unfreezes over and over and is extremely slow in doing anything at all. Currently, I have let Cleaning Essentials remove the spyware for about 14 hours, and it’s not even a fifth of the way done.

So… is that normal?

Edit: I just now saw in the Defense+ Events that the files were being scanned online and found safe.

It looks like there may be quite a few false positives under those detections.

Can you post a screenshot of the D+ and AV logs?

Here are the antivirus events…

And here are the Defense+ events…

(Sorry it took so long!)