removing pre-installed programs.

i own a toshiba laptop and it came with some toshiba pre-installed programs and services etc.
is it safe to remove these services and programs which i rarely use.?

many thanks.

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Google around for those programs to see if you need them or not.
If you don’t need them use Download Revo Uninstaller Freeware - Free and Full Download (make sure you install the free version and read very carefully the instructions).

hi SG65,
i do have revo installed.thing is even if i dont want these programs im not sure how it would effect the machine.
they dont slow down my computer at all .it may speed it up slightly by removing them,

many thanks.

Just Google each of them and check out.
I have a HP machine and every time I do a OS reinstall (every 6 months) I just do that.
There’s about 10 programs I always uninstall. My PC is lighter afterwards.

The PC Decrapifier is a pretty quick way to get rid of most of the clutter than tends to come pre-loaded on new systems.

You can choose what you want to uninstall from a list of known crapware.

Hi DARREN.1972,

Honestly, I never used the Software suggested by HeffeD
Sure, that’s worth trying

My method is more conservative, but never failed

Grab Autoruns by SysInternals (must have Tool anyway)
It many helpful features & in addition can work in tandem with Process Explorer

So you look at the Startups & services of those pre-installed unneeded crapware /remote assistance / games/ wireless /blue-&-other-coloured-teeth :slight_smile: (in case you are not using that) / etc.
& slowly step-by-step ; one by one going through the process of disabling
You may need Googling to be sure as SG65 suggested

Then, if you see that there are no ill effects / strange system behaviour after subsequent Reboots you are ended with the set of Software/services & that you can definitely uninstall
You can use Revo, which you known or even simple Add/Remove
From my experience Add/Remove on win 7 works pretty much well, despite Revo always can do better job… ,but
note: be aware Revo has bugs – it sometimes shows Registry Entries that are not belonging to the Software that you are going to uninstall , so you need to have some experience using that Utility

In addition to uninstalling preinstalled Software is not all you can do regarding unneeded services.

Please have a look at this site
and here since Win 7 is in your signature

Reading thoroughly & applying changes slowly one by one – will make very positive result on system performance as a whole. I have ~70+ spare services disabled on XP Pro and a bit less on Win 7 x64 (not all are investigated yet, since I’m not using win 7 as a working system, just supporting several users)
Needless to say, that many (most? ;)) of those spare services are still considered being a security risk.

My regards

hi syberlynx,
thank you so much for your reply.
i used a program called slim compuer from a company called slimware utilities and it identified some toshiba services that i could remove.
So being in a rather brave mood i decided to take its advice and remove them and it hasnt had any adverse effects on the computer.there are still a couple of toshiba products on the computer but im going to leave those as i dont want to push my luck lol.

many kind regards to you for taking the time to write your mammoth reply.

thanks again.

bye for now. :-TU

You’re welcome DARREN…