Removing Nero's INCD removes Comodo from start menu

I purchased a SanDisk U3 USB memory stick. Had many problems getting it to work. Discovered Nero’s InCD was in conflict with the U3 software and I removed InCD. Removing InCD also removed Comodo from starting up in it’s own.

Comodo still sits in my “Program Files” (W2K, SP4) with a destop icon in place. Comodo launchpad will work from the desktop icon and will work from C:\ProgramFiles\Comodo\PersonalFirewWall\cpf.exe. So I know the program runs okay when manually started. This is not acceptable, I want to have it operate normally…how do I do it?

Well people have been saying if you add the firewall to the startup list then this would fix this problem, however with the launchpad not starting also you would need to add that to the startup list as well. You can do that or you can do an uninstall and reinstall. If it were me I would just uninstall and then install it again, because this way you know it will work again, just adding it to the startup list should fix it but we can’t really be sure. So I would recommend a complete uninstall then reinstall.

I appreciate your reply and desire to help. However, I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled and, then for good measure, done it again. Same results after three attempts, no Comodo.

I’m now very aware that InCD and u3 aren’t the best playmates. What I don’t understand is the removal of InCD also fouling up Comodo.

Had I removed the InCD files prior to adding the u3 disk and Comodo, I think there would have been no problem. Also, had I placed the u3 disk on WinXP there would have been no problem because I could have just used Sys Restore and backed everything up to a place I could clean things out before installing Comodo. With 2K, I’m stuck with the current folders and files, unless someone can guide me in a direction to restore 2K to the condition it was in last Friday, which I don’t believe is possible without having a backup of that days files/folders.

One further thing, I have not been able to remove all the entries left from Comodo after uninstalling it. Any new install is still picking up entries (from the registry I assume) that prevents a
clean, new Comodo install.

Keep thinking about it, I still need your help.

Meantime, it’s back to ZA for this machine for a while.

I will add just this post and then I’m out of here for good.

Out of curiosity I decided to look in the registry after having uninstalled the firewall. Lo and behold! I found 18 entries still in there that had not been removed with the uninstall. Eleven of those entries were either “Applications Engine or Network Engine”. This is a pretty pee poor uninstall if you ask me. Further, the Applications Engine entries were locked to the registry and would not delete. That’s more than enough to get me to forget Comodo and do a complete reinstall of my OS software.

Might be a good product, who knows? But no matter how good, if it gets stuck in my registry and won’t let me remove it, I don’t want it.

Excuse me while I reinstall more OS and install ZA, ZA I can dump if it makes me mad.


I am extremely sorry that the uninstall did not work for you, however just to see if this works why not try installing the latest Beta versions (it is extremely stable) to see what happens?

It can be found here,1216.msg7826.html#msg7826