Removing From Windows 10

Hi all, I want to remove some left-over files that the regular CIS installer did not remove as I no longer wish to use CIS (sorry!). I still have C:/Prgram Files/Comodo Internet Security folder, with two sub-folders, “recognizers” and “scanners”. Recognizers has a sub folder “proto_v6” which contains a recognizer_v8.2.0.4674,dll. “Scanners” has one file “b0024500.cav”. If I try right-click delete it tells me the file is in use. Can some kind person please tel me how to removes these files/folders as Windows Defender will not run and I think they’re the reason. Thanks, Paul

Check the following links;msg511531#msg511531

They are tools made for CIS 5, 6 and 7, but they should work for CIS 8 as well