removing from the component monitor

umm well i’m kinda new to CPF, so i don’t know about the situation. so i THINK i have a malware thing called Cydoor and so in the component monitor, i “blocked” all the components that are supposed to be related to it. should i “remove” them also? or does that get rid of the “block” and let the malware free? i’m running a spybot check to see if it picks Cydoor up, but if someone could tell me what’s the best thing to do, that’d be cool =)

Hi Athena,

The best thing to do is to leave it just the way it is. Currently (assuming that you have blocked all the components of the infection) you have application and component block rules in place to stop it connecting to the 'net, but you still need to remove it. While it’s blocked, do a google for “cydoor removal” or try your Anti Spyware to see if it removes it (after updating it of course ;)) .

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Ewen :slight_smile:

yessir it does, thankyou. i will be back later to tell my story if something goes wrong.

merci ^^

Do tell us too if everything goes right :wink: We want to know the happy news too.

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lol thanks doom.

unfortunately, my internet died because of some other problem i have, probably a worm/virus/other malware [yah, this computer pretty much sucks. i’m hoping comodo will help out though, duh! b(^_^)b]

so anyway, after i scanned with spybot, it didn’t catch the cydoor thing. which is a little worrying, but whatever. also, related to CPF, we have different user areas on this computer (mom and dad) and i noticed the components list has to be fixed individually. like if i block something, it’s not blocked in my mom’s account. so i dunno what’s up with that.

anyway i guess cydoor will have to stay until i find a way to kill it.


Try the EMCO Malware Destroyer. It removes Cydoor agmost others.

So, have you got cydoor removed? As for the component list that had to be fixed individually, perhaps some of the components are unique to every user on the PC. Therefore, they have different signatures. Or perhaps that is the way how CPF works. I don’t have an answer to this as I don’t have different user accounts in both my desktop and laptop. Sorry, couldn’t help you on this. You have to wait until someone who knows better to help you. :slight_smile:

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