Removing 'detected' infection

I’m a new user, so sorry if this is too obvious, but …

On my first scan the report reported three infections (2 malware and one trojan). The action reported was ‘detect’. But no sign that they had been dealt with - only detected. And I couldn’t find any way to get rid of them. Does ‘detect’ mean that it has been cleansed/deleted/removed? Or … how do I proceed, to remove them?

(It did ask me if I wanted the Geeks to clean it, but there was a charge involved with that, and I’m using Comodo as freeware.)

Hi ok there when the ask message comes up hit no i want to remove it my self. then on the next window select the infected file and hit delete or you can select both at the same time and hit delete after that. Also go into scanner settings and on real time select quarantine so it sends the infected file to that box.

Thank you for that.

Next question - my av scan (of My Computer) is taking about three hours! Should it be taking so long?