Removing COMODO from my PC

COMODO is messing up/slowing my login/logon and sandboxing/partial limiting programs that I use everyday . . . most frustrating and I am tired of fighting it.

When I try to remove COMODO from my computer, it is impossible to do in the standard area (Control Panel . . . add/remove programs) reading that I need to find installation source (unavailable) and the data of CFP_Setup.msi to go forward with the removal. THIS can not be found.

I was happy with the program but I can not stand it bogging down my progress and sidelining programs I need everyday. I have put them in a ‘trusted’ category but it matters not. ANY help would be appreciated.

Specifically, the programs tha it attacks are called GSAK (geocaching swiss army knife) and it’s associated 'babel. component.

Is it the .bat file in particular that you are having trouble with when you transfer waypoints to your GPSr? Since it is generated each time the process is run, it will always be considered unrecognized, and therefore will be sandboxed.

You can go to Defense+ → Trusted Files, then click the Add button and select Browse Files.

Now check the box next to Use file names instead of file hashes (not recommended) and navigate to your GSAK folder, and add babel.bat to the list.