Removing Comodo Anti Spam

How can I remove CAS without it interfering with my existing e-mail programs. When I remove it I can no longer receive or send e-mail. I get a warning from Comodo telling me I need to setup my accounts. Add Remove leaves something behind that interferes with my e-mail programs.
Any Ideias???

Hey Pinduca, I am experiencing the same problem, I have had enough of this program because it is cause more problems than it is fixing, but when I try to get rid of it, it crashed my computer. It stops all internet activity and because of this, certain programs freeze on startup and stop the computer in it’s tracks, the only way I can get this working again is to re-install, which kind of defeats the purpose. I NEED COMODO OFF MY COMPUTER AND I NEED A WAY TO DO IT WITHOUT KILLING MY INTERNET AND SUBSIQUENTLY MY COMPUTER!

Can anyone offer a solution to this dead end problem or am I going to have to decide between re formatting my computer and rubish COMODO software?

Frankly, the re-installation is looking rather good at the moment!

I think Comodo has made a big stuff up, none of their programs I have tried so far are working particularly well and when I decide to get rid of them, it disables my computer…maybe they should put some fine print on their FREE tags… *Cannot un-install software without re-format…

I would like an explaination and a fix ASAP because this is not good enough, even for free software.

Thanks in advance, Joss.

I’m very sorry that you’re having all this trouble uninstalling Anti-Spam. I have previously uninstalled it at home, where I was unable to use it; I did not experience these issues.

There may be some processes that would be helpful to stop; with that in mind, I’m going to reinstall it on this end, and uninstall it to get some detailed instructions for you.


Okay guys, I have installed and subsequently uninstalled AntiSpam on my work machine, without any issues. Here’s the steps I followed:

Closed email client.

From the systray icon, I Exited the application (to stop the running process, which is CAS32.exe).

Then I disabled all active security (Antivirus, antispyware, HIPS).

Then I ran the uninstaller (I could not find any evidence of Services or Drivers running, that would need to be stopped).

I followed the prompts during uninstall, and waited for the reboot. It did take some time to reboot after uninstalling, and I finally told the computer to do so, myself.

After reboot, I verified that the startup entry was gone, and the entire file folder, located at c:\program files\comodo\antispam (which it was).

The initial install also set up an LSP provider for CAS, c:\windows\system32\caslsp.dll, of which 4 copies were running while it was installed. After the uninstall as listed above, they were not running any more (using Autoruns by SysInternals, looking at the Winsock tab).

If you’re having these kinds of issues, you might want to run a registry cleaner (such as RegSeeker) to find and remove any remnants that may be causing problems.

You may also want to check the LSP entries as I mentioned above. If they are present after the uninstall and registry cleaning, you might want to run LSPFix by, or WinsockXPFix by Option^Explicit Software.

Hope this helps. If you have other questions, I’ll be happy to try to answer them for you.


Thanks Little Mac!
I will try your suggetions and see if I can resolve my problem!
Thanks for your time!

No problem, pinduca ~

Hopefully it works out; just let me know…