Removing CavEmLSP.dll

I have a Win XP Pro which had Comodo AV on at one time but not now. I have a Comodo file in my System 32 folder that I can not remove and it interferes with my internet connection. Any ideas? I ran the CIS Clean up tool but to no avail. I hope I posted in the right forum.

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This file doe not belong to the AV as we currently know it. It more that likely belongs to an earlier version of the Comodo AV. That’s why the clean up tool does not clean it.

What exactly does the log file tell? Is the .dll file injected in every running process?

Download Sysinternals Autoruns and see if you can find a reference to the CavEmLSP.dll file. When you find it untick it and reboot the computer. See if that brings a solution.

I ran the program and it looks as if is tied into the winsock

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Can you see what happens when you untick the four entries and reboot? Please do not delete them; just disable them.

I got to thinking after you led me Autoruns and discovered they were linked to Winsock I downloaded a winsock repair tool (winsockxpfix.exe) and ran it and rebooted and ran Autoruns again and nothing was there concerning Comodo and I have not lost my connection since. I will post again on it tomorrow. Thanks for pointing me to Autoruns

On XP I think Winsockfix may do the trick for you as well . Keep us posted.