removing a firewall block on a file

I put a block on a program data file and want to remove the block. How do I do that?

Blocked files are handled by Defense+ you can open the GUI by clicking on the white shield on the taskbar then go to Defense+ and select “My Blocked files” see if it’s listed there, if so select it and press remove.

Now you have unblocked that file.

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there are no files listed there.
The file I want to unblock is C:\ProgramData\ArcSoft\GlobalDeploy\CheckUpdate\ArcConnect.exe

Okay sorry i misunderstood, you got a firewall alert for it and selected “blocked application” ?

Got to Firewall, Advanced, Select Network Application Policy and find the application you mentioned.
Select it and press the Remove button, this will take the application off the policy and if you press Apply after that it should alert you again for it, if it does you could set it to the desired policy or just press allow.

thank you…i think that did the trick…

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