Removes Weatherbug

(:SAD) Hello, I would like to know if anyone else has this problem? Ever since I installed Comodo Firewall my Weatherbug Pro, will not stay installed in my computer. I was using Zonealarm with no problems, But it seems Comodo keeps removing it even though it’s on the permission list. Does anyone have a clue to what may be going on? I know WeatherBug has adware but Weatherbug Pro does not. So if anyone has any ideals other than leaving it of my computer I would like to them. I’ve switched back to Zonealarm for the time being while I try to solve this. Thanks, Jim

Hi JP1357, welcome to the forums.

From the behavior you described, it sounds a bit like what happens when a Comodo white-listed application is encountered. Perhaps WheatherBug Pro is on Comodo’s White-List (because it doesn’t have adware). Comodo’s CFP White-List is secret… so to know for sure you’ll need to goto Comodo Support, register on their system & raise a ticket on the question.

??? A firewall doesn’t remove a program, at least not version 2.4. Are we really referring to the firewall and not the antivirus?