Removed my once trusted Comodo

Well this is my first post here and I was hoping it was going to be a nice one! but (:AGY)

After installing Comodo 3 I have had nothing but problems,

I have had a Comodo firewall for ages and recommended it to hundreds of people on other forums,

(:NRD) BUT I will not recommend it again/ well not until the bugs are sorted,

Removed it untill it;s sorted, (:SAD)


i’ve uninstalled then came back, i won’t let bugs get in the way!

help us identify what you suffer from so that we can resolve it pls

I found bugs, but it’s normal. Is a FW from scratch(all new architecture) with an impressive and complex HIPS program. If this “new Release” is used for a lot of people and they report buxes, is more easy fix them.
You can see how paid FW’s have got a lot of users testing their siftware. And those companies win a lot of money with those programs(Outpost, Sunbelt…) but COMODO wins no money, because his bussiness is anoother, and they need our help. Free versions of paid FF are poor, with very low defense. COMODO offers the FW for free, and always for free. No limited versions of paid versions.
I hope and i know in future updates those bugs will be fixed. But always will be a little bug, because every system is a world. I f you ask about a program, always there is people says has got problems with it.
Keep up the good job.

Thank you very much for your understanding and wordly post. What you say is indeed true.



I’ve been reading the forum with interest about v3CFP. You will recall I cautioned against final release until installation was foolproof.

I fear the advances in this version come with the cost of assimilating the additional power and flexibility. Even sophisticated computer users don’t get it right away that this is HIPS without bloatware negatives. This is partly due to the installation difficuties rather than operation difficulties.

This software needs BETTER installation instructions (or better routines to detect problem software) and uninstall old versions, and a great deal more warning about the process of adding the defense+ features to what had been previously “just a firewall.”

Perhaps users need to be instructed how to install just the minimum, then be guided on how to turn on defense+ features in layers after the basic firewall functions are running?

I hope your team can resolve these issues as well as they designed the underlying security software which is impressively logical and from my observations during the beta period very soundly engineered.

Thanks 00hmh

We are working on all these on all fronts.


I had the previous version of the Comodo firewall and it was great until I hit the upgrade button. After it rebooted, it locked up my computer like none other applications - it even crashed the windows’ task manager.

At first, I thought it was the defense+ that was causing the problem but installing the firewall by itself would cause the same problem.

I am really disappointed COMODO for releasing a such low-quality software - it lost my trust completely.

I feel compelled to say something here… I have Comodo 3 installed on two of my PC’s (one based on AMD X2 and the other on Intel Core2Duo) and it is working fine for me. Both have different virus scanners (AVG Free and NOD32)… Sure, there is some quirky-ness, but nothing to have me remove it at this point.

It’s a new release… and it’s free… and I happen to think it is a better product than ZoneAlarm Pro and Sunbelt’s KPF. When 2.4 was released there was some issues with it too… they got worked out. I think the developers of this product take a lot of pride in it. If posts could be more constructive and provide more detail of your problems and configurations, they could fix the problems that cause you grief.

I really appreciate this SithTracy!

We are committed to our users. Period!

Its a relationship for us!

Its been a happy relationship for us!

We love you!

And you love us!

We brought you a new gift (v3), because we love you and committed to you in our relatioship!

You thought the new present didn’t fit you well? (not because we didn’t know the color you liked, but under a flourscent light, the color seemed different - compatibility issue with 3rd party software that is very difficult to foresee)

Don’t just throw away all these years/months of happy marriage!!! Lets work on it! We are willing and able!



I am also considering the same action(removal) – loved version 2.4. – hate the new version.
Why? For starters, on booting up this morning, I had to punch my way thru 35 (I counted them) different popup boxes just to get into Windows XP and before I even tried to perform any tasks. Another dozen popups later, I had Firefox running and had accessed this forum.
It refuses to remember any applications as trusted, despite multiple attempts to register them as such. The worst offender is one of Comodo’s own programs, BOClean 4.25, which I have to approve some half-dozen times to perform any tasks whatsoever, including playing solitare.
I have used computers for years – my first ran the CPM operating system. I’ve used DOS, Linux and multiple versions of Windows and I’ve never seen anything quite this irritating in a computer (Actually, I’ve never seen anything that comes close.)
Two thumbs way down on version 3.
mike c

Hi again (:WAV) The problems I had was that it would not always start at startup {tried two separate downloads} Error message saying something like {cannot find file etc/ etc/}

And the constant messages if to allow or not! it would not remember what I told it and so got rid,

I do like Comodo and will try it again but for now I need a rest from it,

PS/ I think the defense idea is a NO NO stick with a superb firewall


I’m about to uninstall as well. Which rocket-scientist created an update that wouldn’t import all our old rules???

And now . . . every time I slip a blank DVD into my machine for burning, I get a blue screen. The ONLY new thing since yesterday is this blasted “update”.

Not one to be an ingrate about ‘free’ software, but I can’t afford to run this kind of ‘free’ software. :-\

Sorry to begin on a negative note! :(…

Version 2.4 was fine. I ran the update and switched over to version 3…

First my system booted normally…then the desktop appeared and it actually froze!(don’t know what went wrong!). For about five minutes, I was unable to do anything and then lots of popups appeared (of course, that’s normal for a firewall which is learning a lot!). Then I was forced to switch over to safe mode since I was unable to uninstall the application! :-[. I have an intel dual core with 1 GB ram and Windows XP SP2.

Though I have uninstalled the firewall, Windows Security Centre still thinks the firewall is there (I assume that this is a windows issue?) and it has still not given any warning!

GUYS…great work on the Comodo Firewall!I understand that it would be difficult to maintain a free product which is better than some of the shareware stuff out there. However, please try to fix the bugs for version 3 by making it simpler. Good Luck!:BNC :BNC :BNC :BNC


It seems you have changed the default settings before getting acquinted with CFP 3. There is a learning curve and a transition period.

If CFP produces 35 popups, assuming you havent changed the default settings, then you must worry that something is happening in your PC.

Seeing you receive alerts for BOClean, you must have changed the default defense+ mode from Clean PC Mode to some other mode.

Hello Derkapis,

Can you please tell us about your PC configuration and the programs installed(especially the applications which automatically start with windows)?


Not necessarily. The same happened with one of the computers in my house after the auto update from version 2.4. It was installed with its default setting: cleanpc mode. I already posted it in the bug reports section so I wont make into details here. Nobody answered so far btw. It may seem that this is my mania, but I think all these are related with some kind of internal function of the OP system or the firewall I don’t know Im not an expert. But from what I experienced during beta testing, on the other pc at home recently and from what I have seen so far in the forums, whenever these symptoms occur, the problematic applications are all detected with the 8.3 naming format. I don’t know the technical part, but this is almost a bulletproof fact. You will see if you ask people having similar problems to look at their auto created or created-by-ticking-remember application rules and search for ~ this wave symbol in the filenames or PROGRA~1 and similars. I don’t know if dev team is aware of this (as nobody from the dev team confirmed this AFAIK during beta testing despite I reported it several times, and I wasn’t the only one. BTW my 8.3 issues were solved with the final release (:CLP) :■■■■ but as you can see not everybody is that lucky) but I clearly see a coincidence.

If I can be any help further investigating this Im here.

Hello Derkapis,

Can you please tell us about your PC configuration and the programs installed(especially the applications which automatically start with windows)?

Gladly…The following programs start up automatically:

1.Common User Interface,Network Associates TalkBack,On-Access scanner Statistics(all these programs are part of the McAfee Antivirus package.

2.There is also my graphics card driver (S3 graphics) and the soundmanager (Realtek)

This is my PC configuration:
Windows XP SP 2 with 1 GB ram and 120 GB Hard Drive with Intel Pentium Dual CPU E2140 at 1.60 Ghz.

Hope this helps…

Ummm, Melih: this statement makes me think you haven’t taken the recent mountain of feedback on v.3 very seriously. :frowning:

Keep reading his post, it goes on to say…

"You thought the new present didn’t fit you well? (not because we didn’t know the color you liked, but under a flourscent light, the color seemed different - compatibility issue with 3rd party software that is very difficult to foresee)

Don’t just throw away all these years/months of happy marriage!!! Lets work on it! We are willing and able!"

Interpretation… Comodo is ready to work with us to iron out the bugs, our end of the deal is to provide constructive feedback…