removed greekbuddy now no internet

Last nite I ran superantispyware and geekbuddy.exe came up as an unwanted program. I never heard of it so yes a clicked it to removed. I logged off for the nite. Woke up this morning with no internet for browsing. Yet my email works fine. I checked out what geekbuddy was and saw it was with Comodo which was my firewall. Check to see that Comoro is not showing up.

So I cannot connect to the internet for browsing and browsers take forever to open. And my firewall is gone.
Any help would be appreciated.

I ve got the same problem. Removed geebuddy with SAS, CIS stopped working, re-install is possible at first, but after
reboot CIS is does not start, and the cistray.exe cannot be found.

I tried everything, uninstall, revo-uninstall, safemode, the unoffical uninstall tool (which does not support the current CIS version 6?!) …

I had the same problem and not having my firewall or Comodo Backup caused some further problems (a whole other issue and more of an inconvenience). I, too, tried the unofficial removal tool, uninstalling, reinstalling, etc.–same problem with no Comodo products to be found after reboot.

It dawned on me that something in SUPERAntiSpyware was preventing Comodo Firewall and Comodo Backup from installing. So, I removed SAS. Once I did that, I was able to reinstall both Comodo programs, which both appear after reboot and function normally. I have not reinstalled SAS at this point. Hope this helps.

Thank You - Thank You - Thank You

I’ve been banging my head for several days now and your solution was perfect.

SuperAntiSpyware has caused problems in the past but nothing like this. I will NOT be reinstalling it.

I’m glad it helped! After software has been installed and it functions as expected, you tend not to think about it. I was going to edit my scheduling in Comodo BackUp when I discovered the shortcut to the program didn’t work. Because my Comodo firewall has been in place for quite some time, it pretty much runs quietly in the background–I don’t think about it. The disappearance of BackUp made me curious. I took a peek and found the firewall wasn’t running. Hmmmm. This couldn’t be good. I did all sorts of scans–I tried repairs, uninstalling, reinstalling, etc. The reinstall worked, but upon reboot, the Comodo programs were nowhere to be found. I tried the unofficial tool which didn’t help. Then I thought about the recent update to SAS and how it asked to remove GeekBuddy, which I allowed it to do. I knew GeekBuddy was part of the Comodo install package, and on further thought, I seemed to recall that I had removed it before I ever got the alert from SAS, and thought perhaps SAS was removing some remnants left behind. But, that’s when I made the connection and suspected SAS was actively preventing the Comodo products from installing, treating them like a virus or trojan, explaining why the Comodo programs didn’t appear after reboot. Perhaps, someone here can take the time and figure out the specific reason (or what registry key was likely affected) that causes this problem, but for now, I’m just glad to have come up with a solution that allows me to use the Comodo software. I posted here thinking what I found might help others, and knowing my post helped you made it worth taking the time registering here. Thanks for taking the time to thank me–I appreciate it.