Removed CTM, all the USERS DATA IS NOW GONE.....can it be recovered??

I don’t know if you can help or not. I have a Windows 7 32bit system that had CTM on it. IT was getting a boot error, it either booted to CTM with a very old snapshot, or it booted to a black screen that with an error code \boot\BCD-error; . Went to the WINRE on a CD and ran bootrec.exe and was able to get into Windows. once back into Windows, we decided to remove CTM from the system. But we removed it from Add/Remove programs. Now we do not have the user data at all and most of the installed programs are missing after the reboot. We also still have a 10 gigs of phantom missing hard drive space. Do you know of anyway to retrieve that data that we lost when we removed the CTM? Sorry for the long message.

You can use the software named Runtime GetDataBack to recover your data. If you don’t know how to make GetDataBack working best, please contact with me through skype (dolevu).
Good luck to you.