Removed CFP V3, Security Center still showing Comodo FireWall


I uninstalled CFP V3 latest, In XP security centre the Comodo FW is still showing. What where to look for to remove this?



This is a known bug. CFP 3 is though REALLY completely uninstalled.

Are you uninstalling for good? Or just reinstalling?


Sorry to say different but its not a bug. Happens alot with Windows and other security programs. Simple go to run and type “services.msc”. Then migrate to the WMI service(Windows Management Instrumentation) and stop it. Then go to C\Windows\Sytem32\Wbem and delete the repository folder and reboot.

If you still have problems after following the above.
Soya has kindly posted a FAQ thread in Help for v3 link below

Thanks, Dennis :slight_smile:

You guys are right, just a little miscommunication in the wording. It’s a Windows bug, not any 3rd party software bug. Too bad SP3 can’t fix it (at least not that I’ve seen anything about it).