Removed all rules to start clean; they reappear

I removed all rules to start clean.
Rules are all back.


Did you leave the screen by clicking on OK or by closing the screen in the upper right corner?

Oh my. I sure don’t know at this point, but I did it at least twice with same result. It is possible that I did the “X” but I don’t think so.

Nevertheless, it is moot now as I uninstalled and reinstalled Comodo to get a fresh start.

With the clean base, I have gotten some new alerts–expected of course. But I’ve noticed I am looing for an acceptance option that is never there.

Unfortunately, there’s not one showing now so I can’t explain precisely, but it is an alert with three options in it, and none are what I want to do–which is tell comodo “this is permanently OK” without having to tell it it is an installer or something like that. I guess I am wondering why there is no option to say to treat this as a trusted program?

Can you post a screenshot of the alert?

As I said,
“Unfortunately, there’s not one showing now…”

But later, I did see one and have captured the image.
I want to emphasize this is not about the PARTICULAR alert (in this case cmd and autowc); it is about what is available in the alert for us to do…

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