remove white background from comodo logo in bottom left corner of new tab page

if you use the default theme for comodo, you can’t see the white box around the logo but if you use a custom theme that doesn’t use that shade of white for the new tab page then you can see the white box around the logo. it just looks really bad.

before anyone replies, yes i understand that the white box around the logo is unimportant and it doesn’t matter if it ever gets removed. the only thing it effects is the look of dragon. it doesn’t add or decrease stability, security, performance or usability in dragon by it being there or by it being removed. i also understand that stability, security, performance and usability are the top priorities for dragon and appearance comes last as it should. i’m just bring it to their attention in case they haven’t noticed or have noticed but forgot about it so that it can be removed if they think it looks bad. i will post ideas no matter how nit picky they may be. if you don’t like it then just simply ignore this post and move on. i’m not holding a gun to comodos head making them change it either so if they don’t like my idea they don’t have to apply it. i hurt no one by posting this.