Remove useless geekbuddy "lack of support" call centers

I don’t know much about computers and to be honest i know way more then their “third tier” support specialists.
Geekbuddy reps think that in windows XP:
You can run windows update in safe mode/networking
booting into “selective startup mode” is normal
Selecting “Normal startup” in msconfig booting you into safe mode is normal.
Doing google searches from the clients computer and clearly seeing the same links they are looking for have already been visited by the client means the client is an idiot …
They keep no records of previous interactions so going back to them to finish troubleshooting an issue is pointless since they simply start over fresh while you deal with the frustration of watching them do nearly all the same things the previous 2-3 geekbuddy reps did.
When they can’t do anything they suggest a “repair installation” something that i have NEVER seen actually help other then to regain temporary access in order to back up files prior to a complete wipe/reinstall

Seriously get some REAL tech support or take it off entirely.


EDIT: Please note this is NOT a “remove geekbuddy from installer” thread.
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Dear Customer:

Thank you for your feedback. We are always looking at ways to improve in order to provide the best technical support service on the market. Please contact us at Let us know your subscription details and we will contact you to set up a session with one of our more experienced technicians.

We look forward to hearing from you.

GeekBuddy Support Team

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Now THAT’S funny as hell

IMHO CIS installer shouldn’t have these Geekbuddy and ComodoDragon - that’s so obtrusive.

it would be better if time-machine :-TU was included in CIS :love: rather than stupid (:NRD) geek buddy :-TD

Solarlynx and loveboy_lion, please stay on-topic. :P0l

Yeah, this whole GeekBuddy thing is massively annoying. What happened, Comodo? You used to be so great. I felt guilty because firewall and AV was go great, and free.

Now, with Geekbuddy fighting to be installed, and even trying to sneak onto my machine, and your pop-up notification spam … well, not even sure I want you at all (even for free).

Please stay on-topic.

This topic is not about GeekBuddy being in the installer.

Heffe is correct i did not start this thread for the removal of geekbuddy from the installer but rather to remove useless idiots from their support center.

Asides from the wait times of up to 12 hours and the fact their default statement is “reinstall your OS” Removing the “useless” element doesn’t necessarily mean stop using geekbuddy. In actuality i would rather see real qualified techs and better training for the frontline support. After +/- 6 months of trying to get geekbuddy to find a solution to a problem i was having i finally spend 3 days researching the problem/cause using google in order to fix it myself. The main problem with their current setup is no database at all so every time you contact them about an issue you have to start all over from scratch. EVEN if you take the 10-45 minutes to explain what has already been done etc they still go through the same steps every time … which tbh is particularly annoying around the 6th or 7th time your contacting them over the same issue.

If you want it removed from installer please start a thread about that and use messaging system to send me link so i can add it to original post as a clearly defined separate issue.
And of course have my say on the subject?

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I have also faced it many times, that the Technicians at Comodo Geekbuddy being not so geek really. Most of the them are not even real techies and they simply treat you as an idiot as well. That’s why I left this geekbuddy thing long time ago and never suggested it to anybody at all.

But, I feel, as a service or product there is nothing wrong with the concept of Geekbuddy or it’s inclusion (say advertising) in any of Comodo products. What I would like to see is real techies and geeks to be present there and dealing with things professionally.

It will bring back the lost reputation for Comodo Geekbuddy if they can really concentrate on that.

Besides, Comodo has been working on a similar but slightly personal (the technician will not be a comodo staff) approach for PC remote support. You can follow it here.�cent-service-40-beta-t83427.0.html

Wellthis thread is so dead it has been booted off the wishlist entirely. I have now selected “Unnotify” so please close it. Kind of sad that it got over 3000 views and only a handful bothered to take the time to respond… even off topic!! heh

It was not actually Rejected. There is a new system in place, which should make it more likely that highly desired wishes are implemented. For more information please see this topic.