Remove Ubuntu & Install XP - URGENT


You mentioned for drivers CD. I haven’t tried drivers CD with boot. Can it be used with boot like OS CD? I haven’t tried it with boot & dont know if it will work on this system or not coz it doesn’t works normally i.e inside the OS in this system. If it can be used with boot & it boots up, anything possible we can do here?

I am looking into nlite link you mentioned and also trying to get a USB keyboard if anyone near has it.


The drivers CD was just a thought I had before reading about the issue on the Dell forums. In this case I don’t believe it will work. Your best bet is either an external keyboard or nlite, unless you can acquire a Dell version of XP for your laptop…

What do you mean by Dell version of XP?

I guess this is a Dell version of XP i.e it was preinstalled & the CD was provided with the laptop by Dell.

No one near has external keyboard. After few hours I am going to try nlite & post here the outcome.


Burned a CD with nlite, but i just clicked next & didn’t customized anything. I only selected unattended mode & make iso coz I wanted to check if it works or not.

Currently the formatting is going on, that means the F8 prob was avoided by the unattended mode. Lets see if the install completes or not.

If this works then I would like to make another CD with nlite by customizing & removing all the unneeded craps. But I guess I may not understand what to include & exclude & if anything important is excluded then everything will go waste. So can anyone guide me for a good guide on nlite & its customization?

Thanxx to all my frds here for their support, help & precious time.

And special thanxx to Radaghast for guiding me to nlite.

This forum & you guyz are great help.

Will post here if the install completed successfully or not.


Formatting & Install went fine the 2nd time. First time full NTFS format showed error so continued with quick format completed but 1 installation file said cannot be copied click to retry & it worked & installed fine.

Tried 2nd time to check whether the same things appears. But 2nd time the full NTFS format & Installation went fine without any error.

I want to know 1 thing for info reason.

If I format the drive with gparted with i.e I boot with gparted & go with default settings by hitting enter everytime it asks for anything & at the end when the gparted GUI is reached where you can format the harddisk, here when you format the harddisk, it shows unalloted - this means the hardisk is formatted right?

What is shown in the top right corner of gparted? Here it shows /dev/sda - which I think is related to linux. Why it shows this when the disk is formatted?


Unallocated space refers to unpartitioned and therefore unformatted space.

Under linux IDE hard drives use the hd (hard drive) + position on controller and controller number. So on a typical PC which has two controllers and each controller supports two hard drives. The first hard drive on the first controller is hda, the second is hdb etc. The sda notation typically refers to drives other than IDE, such as SCSI or SATA. On Windows, which uses ARC, the naming convention is slightly different.

Good that it was solved.
Interesting how many possible reasons can come up for something like this. And this time it was something like a keyboard “error”.
Keep the eyes open :slight_smile:

PS: In my post about “one clean partition” i meant, that you should try to format the whole drive to a single partition. As you asked later about that. But it wasnt the solution in this case anyway.