Remove infected file on encounter without having to re-boot

Sometimes it occurs, that when COMODO detects a possible threat it cannot delete it immediately, and prompts you for a re-boot instead, that the file would be removed on the next re-boot. Would it be possible to implement a feature similar to an unlocker, that would immediately cut all threads the file is associated with and delete it right away, without having to re-boot multiple times in a row.

+1 if it would be possible.

There are times when this is simply not possible - e.g. a Windows component is infected and removal will affect other components with a dependancy on the affected component. Similarly, an infected driver may only be removed on reboot before it is active.

Process Hacker can remove all kinds of files (including drivers) without having to reboot. Maybe CIS isn’t powerful enough to be able to do that.

Some can, some can’t.

If it is possible, then why not.

When it is possible, it does.

When it isn’t possible, it asks for a reboot.

Possibility of CIS is not all that is possible. The scope of possibility would increase if CIS increases it’s capability.

Process Hacker is more capable than CIS that is why it is possible for Process Hacker and not for CIS.

But then, I guess terminating a process is different from removing a virus. Terminating a process is handled by Defense+ , so maybe D+ can terminate the process without having to reboot, but the anti-virus cannot remove the virus without a reboot.

I guess that’s the difference between killing a process and removing an infection. :wink: