remove from usb dongle

Hi folks

I want to install a “free” VPN from the T…, it’s my choice and I assume the risks.
First it’s impossible to download it with my current version 7.0.317799.4142 viral base 19659, the file doesn’t even arrive on the HDD !!
Second, I have a pop up which says : restart in 30 mins !!
third, I have this file on a laptop and copy it to a usb stick.
Put the stick in the desktop and CIS delete it !!!
What the F…
If I want to get a virus it’s my choice not yours, I grown up enough (54) to do what I want.
That’s a pity cause I use comodo for more than 10 years and was very pleased with the param but know I am not so sure


Ok the download is not your fault. Blame google phishing filter
sorry bout that

Regarding CIS deleting things, you might have it set up to automatically quarantine without asking, you can change that in the advanced settings.

Ok thank you for your fast answer.
The new version is more complicated to understand.

Best regards