remove from systray and prevent end user from modifying

Hi, I am using Comodo Firewall in a corporate environment for one workstation with multiple users on one logon. These users have infected this machine several times to the point it had to be reloaded. I now have all intenet access blocked except where they need to go, but anyone with an ounce of sense could easily just exit the firewall from the systray and then get anywhere, defeating the purpose. How can I prevent the end users from accessing the firewall?

Thanks, Dawn Merrill - new user

Start > Run > Type in “gpedit.msc”

Under “User configuration > Administrative templates > Start menu and taskbar” there are all sorts of things there that you can stop users from doing.

Hope this helps you.


Hi Jasper, and thanks, but I’ve already been there done that, and there are no options I can find in the group policy editor that will disable systray icons or context menus. Taskbar, yes, but systray, no. Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

Dawn (:SAD)

Enable “Hide notification area”. That will only let them see the system clock in sys tray. You need to reboot for the changes to take affect.


Ahhh, didn’t think about the “notification area” name, thanks! I’ll give that a shot & post the result later, right now have to get some other work done. Thanks again.