Remove From Context Menu Option

A simple checkbox to either add or remove Comodo from the context menu would be nice. :-TU

Isn’t that something that would require a reboot to accomplish? (Seeing as how those lists are in the Registry).
Would a better option be to have the checkbox choice located in the installation program?

Not necessarily. In MBAM, the addition/removal of the context menu option doesn’t require a reboot :wink:

For those interested,

Whether Comodo or any vendor gives the option to remove from context menu.
Here is a sweet little utility for all versions of Windows from 98 to Vista even a 64 bit version.

Gives total control of shell extensions.
For instance, in this threads case.
Run shexview.exe, it loads all extensions, locate Comodo AV in list, right click select Disable.
Allow changes to reg in D+ pop ups, Bingo done. Makes the change in real time. No reboot, at least for me in XP. Worthy to note that disable doesn’t remove the reg entry so you can later run ShellExView again and re enable an app.
From NirSoft
ShellExView v1.36 - Shell Extensions Manager



It doesn’t bother me if it required a restart to take effect, and I can go into the registry and manually remove it (thanks for the program though… I’ll try it out). I would just like Comodo to provide the option somewhere to add/remove the entry and remember the settings when it updates itself.