Remove extra step in version 6 when blocking apps from running updates

When you don’t have computer resources to be running updates and when an app wants to download an update, it gets blocked by Comodo. But instead of clicking one button to deal with it, version 6 now asks you to choose if you want to block or terminate and block. That is an extra step some people do not need.

Won’t you please give us the option, just an option, to set things up so we can simply and only block - not spend extra time having to choose between block and terminate and block.

Every second counts for superfast computing.


People cannot update from Windows 8.0 to 8.1 because version 5.12 is still the last version to allow single click block and it doesn’t work with Windows 8.1.

Won’t you please consider giving us an option, just an option, for single click blocks. It is disappointing that version 7 still has the extra click.
We don’t want to be asked to choose between block and terminate and block - just block the app with a single click as an option, the way it was in version 5. Or can you at least make version 5 compatible with Windows 8.1? That would solve this problem.