Remove/Disable/Delete Account

I am aware that you do not “delete” accounts, but would like you to remove my account as much as possible from the Comodo forums. I do not mind you leaving any posts, etc. I simply do not want my account and login information stored on your servers anymore. As a security company I am sure you totally understand.

Please verify with a post or email when this is complete.

Thanks for your support.


Sorry, as you already know, we do not do that. But we can certainly “do something” to your account, so that neither you (or anybody else) will be able to use it again and any “login information” would be meaningless… assuming it ever had any meaning… which it doesn’t (to us, at least). Of course, you can also do this yourself.

We also will not be able to respond by email either. It’s not something we (the humans) do, only the forum software email you (as dictated by your settings). Besides, if I mangle your account we will not have your email address anyway.

Great. So how do I “do this myself” as I cannot seem to find anywhere under the profile, etc. section to get this done.

Appreciate the help.

Sorry for the delay, I had to test it (new forum software).

Profile - Account Related Settings & Forum Profile (assuming you’re using the default view): Change what you like to what you want (even the email address doesn’t need to be a valid one - although the format does), with a random password being the last thing (you’d better copy ‘n’ paste the password as you need to enter it twice). Log out. Job done. OK?

PS If you accidentally leave something meaningful behind I’ll mangle it later. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the help. With the solution possible I am going to just keep the account so I can monitor it, etc.

I appreciate your time and effort.

No data mangling. Understood. :slight_smile: