Remove backdoor.win32.hypigon

I can not remove backdoor.win32.hypigon. any suggestion

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Posting just a name of the alleged infection does not provide any information
It could be real ; it could be False Positive

Was it flagged by Comodo?
If so, please submit to Comodo developers in the 1st place as it’s described here

an read all that section as well

Provide more detailed information about your System and the version of CIS you are using

If that was different vendor’s detection, then otherwise submit to the vendor that flagged the item (the rules are pretty much the same)

In many (if not most cases) AVs cannot get read of the serious infection.
One of the reasons - it usually never comes alone
In this case there are special forums where you will submit needed info about your system and the certified malware fighter will lead you trough the process using special Tools

… but 1st thing 1st

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backdoor.win32.hypigon family are definitely not FP.
They are said to be intercepted by Avira, and being due, depending of the variants, most often either to a fake rogue alert (installation of “windows antivirus pro”), the procedure being then to get rid of windows antivirus pro itself, either by worms coming from msn or porn sites.

In whatever of these situations, the removal procedure is thoroughly documented, it is enough to google “remove backdoor.win32.hupigon”.

But, true enough, only the actual symptoms (and not only some alert) are in order to choose the appropriate procedure depending of the variant.