Remove ASK toolbar?

I have been experimenting with the installation of CFP under VMware Server with Win XP Pro x64 Ed. I find three items in the Add/Remove list when I complete installation. There is AskToolbar, Comodo Firewall and SafeSurf Toolbar. If I remove the AskToolbar will I still have the BO protection. I see in IE7 that I can hide the Toolbar and when I remove AskToolbar in A/R, it is also gone from IE7 but the System Tray item for SafeSurf remains.

I also noticed when I remove Comodo FW, an IE7 window opens to an unreachable Comodo web site. The name leads me to believe it is a long lost survey.

Thanks for any comments.

I believe if you uninstall the AskToolbar & SafeSurf is still running, It will still provide a certain level off Buffer OverFlow protection.

I could be wrong though.